TDI release a reliable air-driven lube oil pump - model T30M

TDI release a reliable air-driven lube oil pump - model T30M

TDI, with their 50 years or aerospace experience, have challenged the prevailing paradigm by applying turbo-twin air motor technology to lube oil pumps – ideal for the coal bed methane (CBM) industry!

Cold or dry engine starts take a heavy toll on engine and equipment bearings, contributing hundreds of extra hours of wear at every start. Once running, hot engine shut downs can scorch oil and ruin turbocharger bearings. This can be very expensive. You need a reliable pre-lubrication and post-lubrication system to protect your engine & equipment from hours of unnecessary wear at every start and every shut down. And no pneumatic motor driven oil pump is more reliable than a TDI Turbo Twin.

At Last, an Air Motor that is Up to the Job

Vane-type air motors are severely tested by the kind of service required by an equipment lube system. While gear-type oil pumps deliver years of dependable service, vane-type air motors are quickly destroyed by harsh conditions such as air system moisture, contamination and ironically, often by lack of lubrication (depleted air line lubricators). Sensitive pneumatic diaphragm-type oil pumps can be even less durable in these conditions.

Turbo Twin motors are different. Rust, scale and even heavy moisture flow right through Turbo Twin’s open air path design with little effect. Turbo Twin runs cool because there are no cylinders or rubbing vanes to heat up wear out, or break down. TDI Turbo Twin T30-M turbine air motors are proven to be the most durable you can buy… especially in harsh operating conditions.

Ask Multi Torque, your authorised distributor in Australia & New Zealand, how you can protect your engine investment with a TDI-T30M lube oil pump system.

Also our new Preventative Maintenance Replacement (PMR) service:

Multi Torque present the fourth tier of air starter replacement - Preventative Maintenance Replacement (PMR)

For the first time, a new option is available to lower the life cycle cost of air & gas starting on mobile and fixed plant – PMR service by Multi Torque. By early intervention and proactive maintenance practice high replacement costs and unscheduled engine downtime can be virtually eliminated.

Proven philosophy—newly applied

Prime mover downtime—the maintenance managers enemy! When something relatively minor as an engine starter can take your haul truck, vessel or gas engine out of service and cost you in penalties and lost production, prevention must be better than the cure. “She’ll be right” approach to maintenance no longer cuts it.

In addition to traditional service offerings like repair, replace and service exchange (SX) MTI Group now offer preventative maintenance replacement (PMR) for non-electric engine starters. Rather than wait for the starter to fail the unit is removed at the time of major engine overhaul and sent to an Multi Torque service centre where it is replaced with a rebuilt, tested & certified replacement. The unit also carries a 6-month warranty for your peace of mind.

The Multi Torque preventative maintenance replacement (PMR) value proposition

  • One of the only companies in Australia with the ability to test & certify non-electric starters
  • 3 branches strategically located in the vicinity of major resource areas
  • The potential to save unscheduled down-time through proactive maintenance practice
  • Early intervention provides the lowest possible life cycle cost for your air starting system

Our commitment—the air starter will be returned before the engine is returned to service—guaranteed!